Mom blogs about selling real estate.

Ok! So I’m certainly not new to real estate. I’ve been licensed since 1995. But about 8 years ago, my husband and I decided that if we were going to have kids we better get to it. He in his late, late 40’s and me, well lets just say 40+. So we did. Child #1 came along and he was so good that I didn’t really have a hiccup in my business. Well maybe a small hiccup. Childcare. We both felt that if we were going to have children we didn’t want to put them in childcare. This was our personal choice. I referred to my first child as the faker baby. The one that from birth was so good and so easy we were like, what’s all the hype. This is easy, let’s do it again. Well, from moment one, easy would never be a word used to describe this child. Don’t get me wrong, he’s the light of my life. After all he is my likeness. But since he is my likeness, we butt heads over EVERYTHING!

Well, 3 years and 2 boys later, I am trying to rejuvenate my real estate business. I never stopped selling  but it’s hard to go on appointments when you are in between childcare givers. I’ve enjoyed my time with my boys but in this economy mama needs to sell some houses. When I started in the business over 14 years ago, listing books were just retiring. I remember thinking about some of the older agents trying to “learn” the computer thinking how antiquated they must feel. Well, flash forward to the year 2010. Sounds like science fiction right? Year 2010. Well we have arrived except my grasp of all this new social media leaves me feeling like the “antiquated” real estate agents of 1995. I am fully convinced that real estate sales as we knew it have changed forever. While there was a time when a single agent could successfully sell real estate. That time is no more. There is no way one agent can do all the details of actually selling real estate and combine that with the marketing and keeping up with the social media that today’s client demands. Just each side of the coin is a full-time job. Add to that trying to have a life of your own let alone managing a family and, well, there just are not enough hours in the day.

So here I sit trying to venture into this new realm of real estate with a nanny/real estate assistant and together we are trying to make a fresh go of it. By day we take care of the kids while trying to show and sell houses, go on listing appointments and call my SOI looking for new business. By night, it’s gym, dinner and time with the family, bed time routine then back to the computer reading the days headlines looking for articles to share with my social media SOI.  Next day, rinse and repeat. All this while dealing with a market that is gun-shy for obvious reasons and takes 75% more work to close a deal. You have to monitor the loan more closely than ever before and remember (or not) there was a time when rates were over 20% but loans still closed. Today, it’s all a guessing game and a lot of hopin’ and prayin’.  This is where the experience of the professional Realtor should  come in to play.  Someone with experience to help guide you through the pitfalls of today’s market.

Well, my roast is ready so for now it’s back to the family. But I’ll try to get back here between work and family another day. I recently heard a quote that a woman CAN do it all. Just not all at the same time. Well, give us a gold star for trying. For all you other moms who’ve come before me and will come after me, let me hear from you. What are you doing that works for you?

Please be careful on the roads this weekend. Have a happy Labor Day weekend!

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